Why am I here?

Published April 2, 2011 by insufficient mums

My husband finally has my babies over night. We’ve been seperated 7 months. He finally has my kids for one night. 3 of them. Well, his mother has them…

I am alone.

Recently, a friend advised me to tidy up my Facebook site. A bit boozy, apparently. I’d never worried too much. I am who I am. I’ve lived the life I’ve lived. Considering where I’ve come from, I’m quite successful. Considering where I’ve come from, being alive is quite successful.

So, I’m here to defuse. To write down the things I can no longer put on Facebook, because I’m successful,lol… and well-known, lol…

I am an insufficient mother. As a newly single mum of three, my house is a mess, I’m not up to scratch with my job, and I’m a barely adequate parent. I drink, I try not to smoke, I love coffee. My ex husband calls me the anti-Mary Poppins.

And, at 42, I try not to look at them men.

Call me disillusioned, I haven’t yet met one who could enhance my life. Shit, I’ve only met one I found attractive.

I know I’m happy on my own. I know I’m a better parent that way. Plus, I have nothing to offer a partner right now. I work hard. I’m tired.

But a little part of me thinks there is someone gorgeous out there who could be my friend and stand beside me.

Shame there is no evidence…


One comment on “Why am I here?

  • Wow hon, I think you’re doing really well, considering everything. Love your writing and your sense of humour. The latter will get you through every rotten moment. Keep writing hon and share. Hugs xx

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