Ooh, I’m excited, Betty!

Published August 25, 2011 by insufficient mums

Yesterday I got handed my arse. 

Included with this arse-handing was a comparatively detailed list of my difficult personality traits.

This has happened before. I’m reasonably comfortable with the things I do well, and the things that need work. I’m a work in progress. My halo isn’t straight yet. 

What stumped me was that this was not a list of my usual character defects. It was a completely new list. Somehow, these personality challenges were stronger than the traits I am thoroughly aware of (because they can cause difficulty in my life). 

Now, I do like to take these opportunities for self-inventory seriously. If I need to adjust myself or my life to improve my life, its a gift to have someone share their perspective. I am free to analyse, adjust, or dismiss. 

So, I’ve been working with the information, and I’ve realised that my friend’s list of complaints is actually a list of the things other people ‘like‘ about me. Also, the things I like about myself. 

Conclusion: this person actually doesn’t like me.

Oh. Okay. Is that all? Well, I’m fine with that, then. 🙂


2 comments on “Ooh, I’m excited, Betty!

  • Sylvie, you are so freakin funny!! Even though I know you are deadly serious in the things you write, but it really made me chuckle, and humour is bloody hard to write!! I love it, keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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