What’s the Deal, Sylvie?

Published March 10, 2012 by insufficient mums

Why am I still in pain?
This is so ridiculous.
I keep telling myself that it’s just emotions. I’m supposed to feel them and the pain will pass.

Worse still, I don’t want anyone to know I’m tipped and scattered.
I just feel like an idiot.

And if he knew…
He was already controlling. If he knew I was this fucked up about him he would have control forever.

What’s wrong with me?
The sex was amazing. Yes, I could have him back just for the sex.

But I miss him.
His incessant phone calls, and text messages, stealing my time to make sure I had time for nothing else.
I knew I shouldn’t put up with it, so I didn’t.
So why do I miss it?

I have had controlling partners.
I’ve even had abusive partners.
I’ve learnt a lot.

So, why do I still desire this man so much?
What is it about the way I feel that I won’t let go of?
I do believe that he has already let go, so putting this out there is extremely painful.

I dunno. I just want this man. I just want to share his energy. Feed him. Dissolve into him.
I want to listen to him talk. Tell me his stories. Explain the way he thinks.
I want to watch him trust me.

I HATE the humanity of it.
Surely I am a more hardened cynic than this?
Especially when he has so thoroughly left. Why would I even put this out there?

Because the pain hasn’t gone. I can’t shake it off.
Regardless of the foolhardiness, I have been given this experience. To resolve.



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