Facebook Is Not Your Diary: Entry 2

Published March 26, 2012 by insufficient mums

My lawn hasn’t been mowed for 6 weeks. It is indeed looking lush and beautiful.

It is my fault that my lawn has not been mowed, as I dated the lawnmower man, and now he won’t come mow my lawns.

In my prior home, the landlords supplied the lawnmower. The new man in my life offered to look after the lawns. Believe me, I appreciated that offer. With 3 kids and freshly out of the workforce due to separation, the lawns had ridden low on my priority list.

However, we didn’t want to mix boundaries, or be beholden to each other. No enmeshment here. Lawncare was something he did part time for income. So I hired the company, rather than buy myself a lawnmower. Seemed that the costs would equalize and it would be one more job off my chore list just taken care of.

The automatic payments still go through every week.

I don’t have a phone number to contact him. I don’t have a phone number to contact them. I don’t actually need to speak to anyone.

I just want them to come and mow my fekking lawns.


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