Dear Asshat

Published August 4, 2012 by insufficient mums

Dear Asshat


No. I will not lie down. I will not passively let your behaviour toward our children turn into neglect and emotional abuse.

No. I will not go quietly. If I want to vomit my thoughts onto Facebook, I will. They’re better off there than in my head. And if one day this is used as evidence in your imaginary court case, at least I will have told the truth. I will not shut up because of fear of your Facebook spies…?!?

No. I will not submit. I will not let you do what you want with the 3 small beings whose care and wellbeing I am responsible for. Your attitude and self-centredness are hurting them. I will not let you do it.

No. I will not roll over. I refuse to be defeated by this behaviour. There is no surrender here. The risks are too great.

No. I will not comply. I have the example of your first two wives who behaved well. Did the right thing. Said the right thing. The mother of your eldest children never stood in your way. I’m sure she wanted to. I’m sure it gutted her watching her babies be slowly abandoned by their father. But we are told by the experts to support this relationship for our children’s sakes. Let me tell you right now, you no longer have my support, unless that is what my children want.

No. I will not sit down. I am unaffected by your self-interest. I am unconcerned about my own. I will not be politically correct. I will not be polite, well-mannered, or ‘feminine’. Fuck you. And if the system ends up supporting you, fuck the system.

No. I will not shut up. Silence is the enemy. I will not shut up just to make myself look good. Let the world see how I look warts and all. Let them see you also. Lets be judged on that.

With the respect you deserve,

Bite me


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