What y’all doing that I’m not doing…?

Published June 13, 2013 by insufficient mums

I honestly, seriously do not understand how other parents do what they do. I don’t understand it. Somewhere along the line I must have missed a lesson.

I have worked out that if I spend all day, every day, cleaning my house, I can maintain it as a lovely home for my children.

I do not spend all day every day cleaning my house.

I do other things. A bit of writing. A bit of socialising. A bit of income earning. A bit of ensuring that I maintain some contact with some friends. A bit of shopping. A bit of bill paying. A bit of attending children’s appointments. No more or less than any other parent.

As a result, my house looks as if a single mother with three children lives in it. And she hasn’t been doing much…

And the yard? Well, I barely get that maintained at all. Getting these hedges cut back is a ridiculously huge mission for me, let alone anything less obvious.

So, I’ve been sick for a week and a half. I’ve probably been going at half speed. Just trying to maintain and keep the plates spinning.

I dread checking the mail box, because there’s always more to do. Appointments to attend. Bills to pay.

And I see other mums. They do things like ‘invite me for coffee’. I had a lovely friend this week call in to see me at 7pm. (7pm?) And I just couldn’t stop. With dinner and bathing and bedtimes…

How? How do they do it??? I can’t work it out.

Honestly, I do the bare minimum. I try to have a bite of the balancing things in life (they tell me that’s good for me). But I do lose friends. I just don’t seem to be able to create the amount of socialising time required.

My feet hit the floor in the morning and I’ve already got a houseful. At the end of the day, I’ve got a houseful. In between, I work.

What y’all doing that I’m not doing…?Image


One comment on “What y’all doing that I’m not doing…?

  • All those single Moms out there are doing exactly the same things you are. They just aren’t showing you all the heartbreak, exhaustion, and rage. And the closet where they jammed all the junk that was on the living room floor.

    You wouldn’t show them that either, would you?

    Don’t stop.

    You guys amaze me.

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