Published September 12, 2013 by insufficient mums

I try to tell the truth
Boldly, and without fear
Because I come from lies, deceit and manipulation
And none of that shit does your soul any good.
And also as an experiment.
Because I, like you, was raised to moderate what I said
To make sure the truth wasn’t painful
To anyone
but me
So now I do this shit
And yes, it has become nourishment for my writing
But it also keeps me close with y’all
Cos we got no facades.
it keeps me seperate
Cos the truth about life is that
it’s heavy.
Like, really fukn heavy
And if we all told all the truth all the time
We might not have the energy
or the desire
to enjoy the pieces of life that we can enjoy.
Cos you gotta be able to block some of it out
To live
To survive
To justify what human beings do to each other.
And I don’t block.
I duck and I dive and I divert
But it does all get in.
And that is why I write.
And I swallow life. I swallow it until
it’s seeping out of my skin
and chemicals can’t control it.
And then I write it down.


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