How I Cope with the Humans

Published December 29, 2013 by insufficient mums

Okay. Do y’know what people say to me?
They often and all too frequently say idiotic ‘love-everybody-in-the-universe’ hippy dippy idiotic drivel.
I do not know why.
Obviously I come across as some sort of idiot sycophant spouting New Age garbage about those who need a scrotal lobotomy and frankly, suffocated with what then remains of their testicular sac.
All good. Love to all.
But do not do this shit. With me.
It is not real. It is just one more way to be fake.
I have no desire to rip the comfort blankets of idiocy off those who may need them, but if it doesn’t ring true, I am not a sensible place to dump your drivel. I dislike it. And I will tell you so.
My own path is based on showing up for raw truth and coping with that.
I will not deny you your coping mechanisms, but respect me enough to keep them from my doorstep.Image
That is all.
Thank you and good night. 


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