Published March 30, 2014 by insufficient mums

Brush it
Comb it
Do it
to it
Slim down
Gain weight
Dress better
House straight
Be nice
Don’t swear
Watch our ‘News’
Feel ‘this’ fear
Don’t be
Just do
Do it better
I see you
Look at your house
I’m watching you
Fucking your spouse
Your fault
Tidy up
Harden up
This is your rut
If you feel bad
You are doing something wrong
It is not enough to just exist
As the human animal you were born to be
Lose some weight, Loser
And get some fukn breast implants
so your clothes fit nicely
Society has expectations
I have expectations
Why can’t you produce a decent meal???
Who am I?
I am on your TV
In your ear
In your brain
If your have children
you’re gonna fuck up
You won’t get them right either
If you don’t have children
You’re missing out
Cos you must do the things you’ve been raised to do
Do not think.
Aint no-one got time for that
There’s more Be more Do more
Feel shit?
Your fault
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Keep up!
Your life is unsuccessful by society’s fucking almighty standards
The only reason you don’t succeed is because of you
You need to do more
Try harder
Be more
There are enough products on the market nowadays
You don’t need to be that ugly fat skinny
And if it feels like shit its just cos
you need to get the medication right
But don’t have any expectations
Cos if the side effects are worse than the cure
That is your fukn fault too!
The 80’s called, they want their clothes back
And if you were like ‘her’ mother
They wouldn’t be ashamed of you
Because you are the human animal
Born without the right to just wake up in the morning and breathe.Image


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