Left Out

Published August 15, 2014 by insufficient mums

Left Out

You are not excluded.

We are not leaving you out.

Sure it could look that way

But there is no secret handshake

No judgement call.

It might seem like bravado

Like we know something you don’t

And that’s why we get along so well

And you feel different.

Truth is, we all feel different

But this is not a club you want to be part of

The bond we share, that we laugh about

It’s a burden

It’s damage

And that is why we can’t laugh about it with you

We do not seek to leave you standing on the sidelines

But none of us want to be in this club

We actually envy you

Because you don’t need us

You don’t need a crew to make your damage feel normal

We want to be on the outside too

But we’re not gonna dignify that with explanations

Those of us who’ve taken risks

Who’ve shared our realities

Have been disbelieved

Dismissed as dramatic

Laughed at and shamed

So, we don’t risk that

and instead we laugh together

with each other

at jokes you will never get.

Not because there’s anything wrong with you.

We are not laughing at you

We are laughing to stay alive

This is a survivors club

Read the papers, watch the news

Have you seen what happened to the girl who stopped laughing?


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