And then it hit me…

Published August 24, 2017 by insufficient mums

So, here’s what happened. I did say I’d tell you.2017Summer

I was off to see a client on a damp Sunday afternoon. It had been a busy week – all sorts of commitments. Bit stressful really.

Driving along Highgate, I saw a car indicating to turn out of a minor side street. And turn she did. Right into the side of my car. Across the road I went diagonally into a car parked outside the giftshop. The driver was still sitting there behind the wheel. He didn’t even look my way. Stayed fixed like a statue as I watched his face get closer, fairly sure I was gonna kill him.

It was over with a bang. I managed to reverse a few inches out of his car before my car stopped. No forwards, no reverse, middle of the wrong lane. Hazard lights on.

I could hear cars crunching up scattered bits of my car as I climbed out. The driver’s door barely opened as my front guards were pushed back into the doors.

I went to the driver of the car I hit – standing on the side of the road – no injuries says he. A miracle – but the Mazda 323 he’s only just bought had taken some flack.

I went to the driver of the car that hit me. No injuries says she. Another minor miracle. But the front of her 3-day-old Jazz was gone. When I phoned the police and they asked for her number plate I had to go down the road to find it.

Now, in the last year I’ve gotten all new tyres – one just a couple of weeks ago. In the last month or two I’ve had all the mechanicals done – brakes, CV joints, the lot. A week ago I got a new battery. The Kaosmobile was older, but she’s looked after us through my divorce, moving house, taking kids to support services. She may have been valued at less than the repairs cost me, but she was worth it to us. And I wasn’t worried about equity. She was our bus.

And now here she was, both sides stoved in and the front falling off her. I knew she was gone.

The police came, and were brilliant. The rain was chilling, and we decided I may have broken my finger. I didn’t phone the kids – they might have panicked.

The police gave me a ride home, and my mate came and took me to the Emergency Department.

My hand is black but not broken. My arm is similar. I have an achy shoulder from the seatbelt, and my body was a bit stiff for a day or two. But how amazing is that?

All good people. No arguments or blaming. She simply didn’t see me.

Right now I’m sorting insurance and hoping I get paid out enough to get something that will work for us. I’m currently driving a rental 2016 Mazda 3, keyless, and the handbrake is a switch. It smells like clean.

All in all, much gratitude, some sadness, and a few more things to do in my day.


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